Unforgettable experiences from Northern nature

We offer full service fishing trips to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. On our operations we embrace high-quality service, unique fishing experiences for our customers and respect for nature.

Exclusive fishing adventures

In our fishing trips we combine high-quality catering services which are dominated by Finnish raw materials, Lapland delicacies and traditions. Our guides are professional cooks, who know how to make a tasty meal by a campfire while you can just relax and enjoy tranquility of nature and fishing.

Example trip

Salmon and grayling fishing in River Muonionjoki 4 days 3 nights

River Muonionjoki is River Torniojoki`s tributary, and forms part of the Swedish and the Finnish border. The river is located in western Lapland, and the length of the river is 230 km.


Salmonfishing season 2014


Summer is approaching and the salmon fishing season will start on 1.6.2014 and ends 31.8.2014 Now new service for the summer we have Accommodation with breakfast also including 3-hour salmonfishing...Read more

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