Example trip to river Muonionjoki

Salmond ans grayling fishing in river Muonionjoki 4 days 3nights

River Muonionjoki is River Torniojoki`s tributary, and forms part of the Swedish and the Finnish border. The river is located in western Lapland, and the length of the river is 230 km. The river originates from Könkämäeno and Lätäseno confluence of Enontekiö and Kiruna border near the village Markkina. Salmon rises to the river from the Baltic Sea, and likes it in the river within it´s clean and fresh water. The upper reaches of the river Muonionjoki water is so clear and clean so that it can also be enjoyed in yourself, directly from the river. No wonder the river Muonionjoki also thrive in other fishes like grayling, brown trout and pike.
Our fishing spots are carefully selected based on number of years of good experiences in quiet, Wilderness Rivers.


DAY 1: Transportation from Kittilä airport to Muonio accommodation. Departure to Salmon fishing in beautiful wilderness scenery, return later in the evening the place of accommodation, free program / ​​sauna and dinner.
DAY 2-3: after breakfast departure to salmon fishing as well as trout and grayling fishing in the river. Lunch on terrain, return later in the evening the place of accommodation, free program / ​​sauna and dinner.
DAY 4: after breakfast more fishing, transportation back to airport.

Fishing trip includes

-Transpotation ,Transport in both directions from and to airport.
-Accommodation: in a cabin with standard cabin equipment with sauna.
- Fishing license
- Fishing equipments
- Waders
- Guide services
- Safety equipments needed


Day 1: Dinner; Salmon Carpaccio, Sautéed reindeer with potato pyre and lingonberry. Lapish home cheese with cinnamon cream and cloudberries.
Day 2: Breakfast; Fisherman´s breakfast.
Lunch; Creamy fish soup.
Dinner; File of pork with creamy pepper sauce and potato wedges.
Day 3: Breakfast; Fisherman´s breakfast
Lunch; traditional meat soup.
Dinner; Fisherman´s catch with lemon-butter sauce and dill- potato pyre.
Day 4: Breakfast; Fisherman´s breakfast